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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

(Very Local) Breast Cancer Fundraising Central

Dear form letter recipients,

(If you haven't received the form letter yet, it's because I was tired of copy-pasting individually... How lazy is that, really?)

Yesterday, while waiting tediously at the CIBC for my mum, I picked up a form for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation's annual Run for the Cure brochure. The very first thing it asks is, "Pour qui courez-vous?"

I run for nobody in particular. I just want to do it because it seems like something I should be doing. (And I don't mean the societal-guilt-consciousness "should," but the self-aware-motivation "should.") I will run*** your 5 km!

***subjet to long instances of walking and longer instances of semi-jogging.

So discussing with lil V, I was given my initial push to go for it. I have 19 days to reach my goal of 150$ of donations. (Well, 17 before pre-registration actually.) Donations can be made online with the credit card, or you can pay me in person with cash or cheque. You can also request a tax receipt for donations less than 20$.

I like how they have prizes for different levels of funds. For 3500$ you get an iPod Shuffle... (wishful thinking, I suppose)