A Good Tourtière - Ms C

Thursday, July 31, 2003
Jorgh's letting me cut his hair this weekend. Victory!!!

Welcome! I set up the banner the other day, after weeks and weeks of pages after frustrating pages of help bbs on Keenspace. It's amazing how much agony and pain you can feel from the internet without actually being physically afflicted. Imagine reading help files when they're spread out in all different sites that don't work properly. (Great organization.)

If you don't see a comic on Sunday, just check within a few days. I will try to make a comic for every Sunday, but my schedule is still set at "random."

Heyhey! Jorghnassen here. I just wanted to blog to try it. I'll try to do another "guest comic" when I get the time... I need to practice my drawing skills in the mean time, and encourage Ms C to update more often and fix the archive.

Sunday, July 27, 2003
Ya, can you tell I upgraded from Photoshop 5.5 to *gasp* Photoshop 7?

Before I go on to answer the barrage of frantic emails I will receive for the day *end sarcasm*, I would like to say that indeed, I am a big fan of H*R. But as everyone knows, you can't do a parody of a cameo without upsetting a lot of people. Which is why I don't advertise my comic.

Yes indeed, you lucky reader, you are a privileged one indeed!

If you happen to stumble on my comic, possibly from looking through Google looking for a tourtière recipe, which IS here by the way dans les deux langues officielles (...), then you are very fortunate, for I hardly ever tell anyone about my webcomic online or in person. Why? Well, I guess because of prior experience - since I started this thing two years ago without any regularity or focus, I had informed a few friends about webcomics. Invariably, they forget about mine and start reading other things online.

I don't know anyone online. When I first went on the internet in 1997 or so, the first thing I did was to experiment with this "internet chatting thing" everyone was talking about. After four days, I was sick of all the stupid bantering from either idiot prepubescent flakes, or disgusting perverts/sexual predators. Afterwards, I remember having participated very sparingly on internet forums, notably the defunct Kamishibai forums. I figured out that the only way you could become a real accepted member of such forums is if you have a bad habit of responding to everything possible with "lol", ":)", or other one-word non-words. In real forums that aren't heavily moderated by peer pressure, such as Slashdot.org, or Fark.com, you can't give longer yet concise comments that won't get ignored as some stupid banter from a long-winded crackpot.

So maybe I was hanging around the wrong crowd.

Anyway, I hope one day I might find a place online where I will feel comfortable to partake in moderately intelligent conversation. And a lot of crude fart jokes. (No.)