A Good Tourtière - Ms C

Wednesday, May 14, 2003
1) done!
2) no way in heck going to be done...
3) ... ! Oh yeah.
4) ... !!! That we shall see.
5) I do that sometimes. I even bought a new set of cords since the old A string was getting all frayed.
6) Hmm. I'm still working on it.

To add another note, I am going to ANIME NORTH 2003 in TORONTO with the SARS. Yeah, I'm real worried. Nonetheless, I'm looking so forward to this event! It's the first time I'm doing this kind of convention stuff, and I figure I'd take advantage of ViaRail's special limited time offer of 50% off train tickets to go just for that weekend. Air Canada also has the same kind of deal, even bringing the price from Montreal to Toronto to 98 bucks!!! But I find airports a pain in the butt, so I'm taking the train. Besides, I've never taken the train before... ;_;

And I'm going to get Mark Shallow's autograph for Jordi, and Stephanie Beard's, a.k.a. Sugar's, autograph for Jorgh's older brother...

I've been puzzling over the last few weeks about this children's album tape (from the 80's) we had when I was younger. It had some songs I remember:

  • Snoopy and the Red Baron

  • Halfway Down the Steps, "sung by my little nephew Robin", says an imitation of Kermit the Frog

  • some sort of "Birdie Song" which I believe is actually called the "Chicken Song"

  • E.T. Phone Home

  • Pass the Dutchie

  • some weird Smurfs song

and some other weird things I can't remember. I do believe it was produced in the UK due to all the weird UK accents we heard in the songs, and they were all definitely not the original songs. Anyway, if anyone has any information about these songs or the album, I'm dying of curiosity to find out whether this thing even existed, or was a figment of my imagination from my half-witted, muddled childhood memories.