A Good Tourtière - Ms C

Thursday, April 24, 2003
My papa isn't feeling above the weather for the last several weeks, so I took off to Quebec right after my field experience ended to keep an eye on him until after the Easter holiday. He's going to be alright, if 1) he takes it easy on the meat and dairies and other junk, 2) he gets some exercise other than walking to the corner store to buy the lotto 6/49, and 3) he stops watching so much television and chinese movies.

My own projects for right now are:
1) finish doing my taxes
2) start finding a job for the summer
3) study physics until my ass hurts
4) work on my webcomic
5) practice on the violin that I borrowed from my brother :)
6) hone my l33t rollerblading skills to beyond braking by breaking a bone.

Now, to start those taxes...