A Good Tourtière - Ms C

Saturday, November 09, 2002
We went to the doctor yesterday and technically, it's not easily fixed. On the positive side, she gave me a gob of happy pills (I mean sleepy pills) to gobble to prevent inflammation in the arm muscle which hurts the most. On the negative side, I hadn't done anything to make it much better, other than trying to use the mouse with the left hand... *so tempting... aaargh!!!*

Notice anything different? *wink*

Yes, the tourtière link will be up soon. No, don't try clicking it. I don't know when translation will be done, since I have a crapload of stuff to do this weekend.

By the way, banks still suck, and will suck forevermore, 'til death do us all in. Amen.

Lab partner, where are you??? (You know who you are. I can see you reading this and saying, "Why is she mentioning me?" You know perfectly well why. ^_^ )

Maybe one day I'll make my presence known to the rest of keenspace. For now, I'm happy with relative obscurity. Or so I thought... *PARANOIA!!!*

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Today I got fed up with my bloody arm and I attempted to see a doctor about it. No, I didn't go see the doctor about it. I ended up walking next to the clinic (clinic "urgence") with Jorgh, but then he got all uppity and I didn't go. So instead, I skipped class once again (bloody stats) and did some tasks which were weeks in calling.

And I joined the McGill anime club. Funny, I never thought there was an anime club... Pu never said there was one at McGill... He's crazy about Japan but I don't know if he tried to look for a Japan club at school. It's strange how little Japanese exposure there is on campus.

Anyway, I'll be heading off to the stupid Royal-Pain-in-the-Bank's student loans office tomorrow to cash in. ($$$$!!!) Then I will become officially 17000$ into debt. Fine way to end your student life... No, I'm not done yet. Nor will I be by the time 2004 rolls around. *BOOOoooooo to school*

Heads up to Chris Crosby for his efforts! I'm rooting for you!