A Good Tourtière - Ms C

Saturday, October 12, 2002
So I'm reading through the recipe that Jorgh's papa wrote and boy is it long... I'm still in the process of translating it, but it should be out by the end of the holiday weekend...!

I hate labs.

And on top of that, Jorgh's birthday was yesterday but I didn't get to scan/upload the picture I drew for him. *sigh* Let me get that done soon...

I just saw Inu Yasha, episode 86, and it was pretty scary with that floating head thing. She gave me the heebie-jeebies! Man, nothing so far really scared me as much before that, except when Inu Yasha went all ballistic and frightning with that turning-into-his-demon-half thing. I think I might have even dreamt of sitting there twiddling my thumbs and suddenly turning around face to face with a giant floating blue demon head staring at me, ready to eat me... *shiver shiver shiver* And they changed the ending song again. Now I have to look for that one as well.

I hate banks.

I really liked the Crocodile Hunter movie. Jorghnassen, myself, and Jorgh's younger brother all went to see it when it got out at the Centre Eaton this summer, and it was pretty cute! I especially love the irony that the ending is the scene which seems to be the only one that Steve Irwin messed up more times than all the other stunts in the movie put together! I am glad that my money (well, Jorgh's money) is going to the Austrailia Zoo through the proceeds of the movie, rather than some idiotic movie producer's wax job for his/her sucky-assed street SUV. Let's get with the program, people: SUV's SUCK!!! Note my comment on the forum. :)

I hate SUV's.