A Good Tourtière - Ms C

Monday, August 12, 2002

I would very much like to contribute to the fellow online comic artists whose work is 1Egoogleplex better than mine, but alas I have no credit card. Not that it's a bad thing. You see, everything nowadays involves having a line of credit. Going to school, renting an appartment (sometimes), buying crap, getting a car (not that I'll ever want one, ever, no...) eating, sleeping, going to the washroom... It's the bank's way of saying WE WANT YOU TO SPEND MONEY AND USE OUR CARDS TO MAKE US MORE MONEY!!!

It's not that I don't want a good line of credit so that one day I'll be able to buy that luxury boat or that multimillion dollar extravaganza of a condo or something else as pathetic, but because, on principle, I HATE BANKS!!! I will never ever accept a credit card unless I get some sort of sizable reward that is NOT a pair of plastic watches made in Taiwan (not that I have anything against Taiwan) or a blatant-advertisement-plastered t-shirt (seriously, why would I want a picture of the credit card I just applied for on my shirt? Do I WANT everyone to know I have a credit card with a sufficient enough limit for muggers to buy a wide-screen television, DVD player, and car subwoofers before I even notice it's been stolen?)... Nevermind. Just give me a million bucks and I'll take your stinking card. Not that a bank or credit institution couldn't spare a few either.

Real reason I won't get a credit card? I never pay my bills in time... unfortunately... just because........ *drumroll* ........ I forget about them.