A Good Tourtière - Ms C

Friday, June 07, 2002
I will redo my web pages over the next few weeks, to be less sploshy and weird. Thank you very much.

Thursday, June 06, 2002
My wrist seems to get worse and worse even as Ad Calc is long over ... so I suppose I won't go back to drawing much until Jorghnassen gets me a WACOM TABLET to ease my use of the GIMP (for Windows, naturally) and other funky stuff, for passing said Ad Calc this summer. WHERE THE F#^@ ARE THOSE MARKS???

Today I will be seeing my old friends B and Rachel and we're going shopping. ^_^ I think I'll get me a new ... something... or other...

Here are not one, but TWO cutesy Korean animations on the web! I discovered them when my cousins from Toronto bought my sister and I some things from ... somewhere in Asia... and my parents went out to TO to see them last week. They passed by and dropped off a shower towel thing, and a bag thing.
  • Marshimaro, the devious little rabbit-marshmallow thing

  • Vooz, with a whole bunch of cute and superbly animated creatures, especially PUCCA the crazy bun-haired, ninja-grabbing girl.

Mr Myron, perhaps you'd like some more suggestions? I'll ask around for some people to suggest places to go and things to do. I'm sure you have some things in mind already...