A Good Tourtière - Ms C

Monday, May 13, 2002
Whoops, I thought I had a post earlier last week, but apparently it disappeared. (Goes to show you that I should check on my own stuff more often than once a week.)

Anyway, I suffer from having lost a filling yesterday morning somewhere sometime from eating something ... Anyway, so now I have to go to the dentist but I have a midterm tomorrow morning and a lot of classes over the next three days so I can't even make an appointment until ... I don't know... tomorrow??? Everything happens tomorrow... ;_;

Also, I really hate Ad Cal.

Fear not, fellow readers, I will produce something within the next week or so. ^^

Meanwhile, I've been doodling a lot during Ad Cal, so I'll post those somewhere eventually. Somewhere, somehowwwwwwww, somedaaaaaaaay... (dooo dooo doo doo dooooo....) *cookie for the reference*