A Good Tourtière - Ms C

Tuesday, January 01, 2002
Ya. Rock and Roll. Buy now and save 17% off our original price. Feeling groovy. Munchkins and Bits. Gnarly and tubular. Can you smell it?

I have a rather tragic news to announce which is not at all that tragic, I suppose. I definitely need a few more weeks to myself (after the holidays, can you believe it...) to de-stress. I have not made any updates since the field experience began, nor ended, because of the fact that teaching is a bloody bitch. Surprise, surprise.

Sure, you might think it's a great job because of the holidays and days off and all that superficial crap, but I'm telling you right now: TEACHING IS A F$!%ING HARD JOB. Maybe not as hard in terms of your pro-athlete and maybe not as hard in terms of your neurosurgeon, nor even as hard as the cooks in your favourite restaurants in their steamingly hot work conditions and tiresome, unrelenting hours of preparing your meals at the same time as fifty other patrons' (I love you mommy and daddy), but it's hard all the same.

Hmm. I suppose no words could ever convey the kind of feelings I am having now, but I'm not giving up or anything. In fact, I believe in becoming a teacher more than ever, and now I know for sure what I need to work on.

Anyway, in the meantime I'm going to direct you to my favourite hauntings on the internet for the next little while. This is one of my favourites when I have 12 hours to spare in a row...

Fun game! antwar.com You direct an ant colony and gear towards beating the 2 bastards on the top 10 list who cheated like crazy. Can you tell which of the top 10 I'm at?

I wish everyone a Happy 2002!

Be good people!