A Good Tourtière - Ms C

Monday, September 10, 2001
My birthday was 3 days ago. I am now "legal" in the states, but have been for a few years in Quebec. (So guess how old I am now?)

My younger brother is going to be legal soon here too, and I promised to take him to the casino when he hit that age. I've been to only one so far in Niagra Falls, and boy is it sad-looking in there. The tour buses park and those who get out of them are handed ten bucks in non-legal tender. The deal is, you go and gamble away that ten bucks anyway, and you gamble away a bunch of your own money, leaving the casino much richer than the ten dollars they gave you. So I cheated the system and took the ten bucks and cashed it as soon as Jorghnassen gambled enough to get another 15 bucks with his ten. Altogether, we went away with 25 bucks, and I made a steak supper for us. The boring part was after an hour at the casino, we had another three to do absolutely nothing but watch all those sad, desperate overweight tourists come and waste all their money on slot machines. And there's absolutely no place to sit EXCEPT at the gambling stations. Those guys should run the government, then they'd be both popular and have plenty of money to squand- ... wait a second, they already do.

Be nice to the cats and dogs walking along the highway... they're probably lost and hungry.