A Good Tourtière - Ms C

Sunday, August 12, 2001
Ack. Do I need to apologize? I suppose I'll do it anyway.

I sincerely apologize for any lack of update to any parts of my webcomic. I also aplogize for not linking my webcomic blog to the comic. Man, I keep trying to remember that, but then I realize I'm just a lazy assed slob on a summer mode and I get depressed once again, accomplishing nothing.

I do have a new idea for my comic, relating to cutesy things NOT involving the gravyforbidding government and bureaucracy, but I have to wait a bit until I get some time on my own to sketch it out and draw stuff on paper. I really don't like drawing these comics on computer because it takes too bloody long to do them and I have less control over my own actions by mouse. On the other hand, I love the GIMP, except not the Windows version. GIMP itself is relatively stable. Win2K is relatively stable. GIMP + Win2K is NOT very stable at all. And the keystrokes are not very responsive. What else? Ah. Photoshop is more stable on Win2K, but I don't like it because of customizability, and functions which are not obvious to do (like rotate freely, or even resizing freely). Then again, I perpetually have problems accustomizing myself to a million different image editing programs. I know many, but I need a lot of time to sort out ways of doing things efficiently for each program.

Maybe I should just get RedHat installed and be done with Windows. Then all I'd do is play with the GIMP all day... ^_^

P.S. Buckle your safety belt!