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Monday, October 10, 2005
Comic updated!

I know that some of the colours and character designs are changed. This is due to having two years of hiatus, and having forgotten certain details despite referring to the old images. Besides, I just want to get this roadblock over with.

I might consider leaving this black and white from now on since it took me 12+ hours to get this certain comic done. It would certainly allow me to do more, but I really wanted to make this whole story in colour...

On another note, my Run for the Cure fundraising was successful, thanks to everyone anonymous and un-anonymous. One very kind and generous donor gave my entire fund goal in one shot, only a day after I made the announcement online! Needless to say, it encouraged me even more to run the 5 km. And I did it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

(Very Local) Breast Cancer Fundraising Central

Dear form letter recipients,

(If you haven't received the form letter yet, it's because I was tired of copy-pasting individually... How lazy is that, really?)

Yesterday, while waiting tediously at the CIBC for my mum, I picked up a form for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation's annual Run for the Cure brochure. The very first thing it asks is, "Pour qui courez-vous?"

I run for nobody in particular. I just want to do it because it seems like something I should be doing. (And I don't mean the societal-guilt-consciousness "should," but the self-aware-motivation "should.") I will run*** your 5 km!

***subjet to long instances of walking and longer instances of semi-jogging.

So discussing with lil V, I was given my initial push to go for it. I have 19 days to reach my goal of 150$ of donations. (Well, 17 before pre-registration actually.) Donations can be made online with the credit card, or you can pay me in person with cash or cheque. You can also request a tax receipt for donations less than 20$.

I like how they have prizes for different levels of funds. For 3500$ you get an iPod Shuffle... (wishful thinking, I suppose)

Thursday, September 08, 2005
I cleaned up the previous picture and coloured it. I wanted to practice colouring so I didn't pay much attention to the actual composition of the image. I mean, what the heck is she staring at? Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 22, 2005
Here is a terrible, terrible I-Was-Sucking-Brains comic series called "MEANWHILE" that I hope I will never, never do again.

To make up for my stupid comic, here is a mostly-finished sketch of an amateur girl-detective named Kiara Lafontaine-Deauclaire who works on paranormal unsolved mysteries with her sidekick Spud Ditto, on the seedy side of Quebec. By day, she is an intern at a financial institution downtown. Spud works in a porn store. I'm making all this up. Seriously, I just felt like drawing it. Posted by Picasa